Bun Cha Gio (Vietnamese Egg Rolls with Vermicelli Noodles) - Cooking Therapy

Cha gio or egg rolls are served in a bowl with vermicelli noodles and a variety of vegetables. They are then topped with nuoc cham or Vietnamese dipping sauce.


  • ◦ 8 Vietnamese egg rolls
  • ◦ 4 cups lettuce cut into one inch pieces
  • ◦ ¼ cup pickled daikon
  • ◦ ¼ cup pickled carrots
  • ◦ ½ cup cucumbers thinly sliced
  • ◦ ¼ cup mint
  • ◦ 16 oz vermicelli noodles boiled
  • ◦ ½ cup Vietnamese dipping sauce


◦ Follow my recipe for cha gio to make your egg rolls.

◦ Add lettuce, pickled daikon, carrots, cucumbers, mint, and vermicelli noodles to a bowl.

◦ Cut the Vietnamese egg rolls into bite-sized pieces. I like to use scissors for this part because it's easier.

◦ Drizzle with Vietnamese dipping sauce (nuoc cham) and serve!

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